Friday, December 25, 2020

Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal Pauillac, 1981


The cork was very difficult to remove, and my initial taste was not very pleasant. I was really considering pouring this wine down the drain and choosing another, but, fortunately, I decided to see what a little air might accomplish. Another taste after about 15 minutes convinced me the wine was worth keeping, and after an hour the wine was beginning to sing. Another hour later, the wine was poured and became the hit of the table, preferred by all over the very good Sociando Mallet that accompanied it.

Substantial amber in the color, similar to the Sociando Mallet. And the nose is not as expressive. Blue plums but mostly pleasant old wine smells. The wine's maturity also shows in the flavors, which are beautiful and shape shifting. Savory more than fruity. "Something new appears in every part of your mouth," one taster said. Subtle and complex. Smooth, elegant mouthfeel.

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