Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Chateau Canon Canon-Fronsac, 1990

At the time this wine was bottled, there were two Chateau Canons in Canon-Fronsac (an area in the east end of Bordeaux), not to mention the more reputed Chateau Canon in St. Emilion. This is the one shown in the accompanying photograph.

The color has lightened and turned to a brickish orange. It is a mature wine but not overly mature for my taste. High-toned nose: mostly cherries with herbs and a touch of cassis. Clearly an old-style Bordeaux aged in seasoned oak. Mostly Merlot, I would guess. Refined mouthfeel, very smooth with good balance to highlight fruit flavors rather than oak or alcohol. Cherries and herbs. Medium long, finish. It is, however, a mature wine, and, on the second night, it has little to offer.

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