Saturday, October 17, 2020

Trimbach Alsace Riesling, 2014

I opened this bottle for a Thursday virtual tasting with winemaker Anne Trimbach and Madeline Triffon, MS, of Plum Market in Ann Arbor. Ms. Trimbach was a delight to listen to; her wine, as always, a delight to drink. Trimbach is my favorite source of Riesling and my favorite Alsace estate.

Deepening yellow. Fresh scents and crisp flavors when taken out of the refrigerator and first opened. As the wine aerates and warms from 45 degrees to 65, both the smells and flavors broaden and become more complex. From pear and citrus to ripe apple and minerals. From Granny Smith to Jonathan apples. Coats every corner of the mouth with ever changing tones and flavors. Completely dry and enchanting with and without food. Ms. Trimbach recommends drinking this Riesling at 5 to 10 years of age but admits that it will keep much longer. A few years ago, I opened a bottle of the 1978 Trimbach classic Riesling (purchased in the early 1980s for less than $40 a case) and it was still drinking beautifully at nearly 20 years of age.

A Trimbach Riesling made for aging is the Frederic Emile, which is made from two Grand Cru vineyards and sells for about $100 in some vintages. I did not open my bottle of Frederic Emile but got virtual satisfaction from hearing the glowing words from Madeline Triffon. I will reserve my pleasure for a special occasion several years from now when the bouquet and flavors have more time to develop.

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