Sunday, October 11, 2020

Iron + Sand Paso Robles Cabernet, 2018

 Iron + Sand seems to me a perfect name for this wine. It has a strong, earthy core of flavor with an iron-solid structure plus the charm and aromatics that are typical of grapes grown in sandy, mountainous soil. Although I am usually lukewarm regarding Paso Robles Cabernets, this wine grabbed my attention and approval. Accompanying braised lamb with pearl couscous risotto, it was, in my view, the highlight of the Trinchero virtual wine dinner from Fieldstone Grill.

Dense, deep, purplish colors. Deep aromas: dark cherries, black fruits, spice. Concentrated on the palate: dark fruit, cherries and chocolate. Tannins are apparent but they are ripe and open enough to let some fruit show through, even in its youth. Complements the braised lamb and sauce. Good now but I suspect five to eight years in the cellar will soften the tannins and bring out greater complexity and flavor interest.

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