Wednesday, October 14, 2020

d'Arenberg The Hermit Crab McLaren Vale Viognier Marsanne, 2018

I sniffed this Marsanne blend alongside the mature Tahbilk Marsanne (below) and found many of the same rich scents of ripe apricots, peaches, honey toast and nuts. Very nice, but even nicer when they are combined with the fresh honeysuckle, floral smells of Viognier. Both grapes are from the Northern Rhone, but, to my knowledge, the French never blend Condrieu (Viognier) and White Hermitage (Marsanne). The Hermit Crab is a wine for New World tastes, and it works well for a variety of dishes.

Medium light gold. Powerful smells of Marsanne married to delicacy of Viognier. Rich mouthfeel for those who like Chardonnay (and Marsanne) but also citrus zest for those partial to Pinot Grigio (and Viognier). I think this wine will age nicely. Marsanne is a wine for aging, although Viognier is better when consumed as early as possible. As the Hermit Crab develops, the Marsanne qualities are likely to dominate.

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