Monday, January 27, 2014

Londer Vineyards Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, 2008

A blurb near the masthead of the PinotFile newsletter proclaims that "the line between Pinot Noir and sex is blurred." I could not agree more, and this wine provides ample proof.

The smoky smells and flavors that resulted from the 2008 forest fires near the Anderson Valley are becoming more prominent all the time. But the sexy Pinot qualities are enough to compensate. Satiny, silky texture--so delicate and lovely, yet so powerful. Very cherry, rich and deep. And, of course, smoke. But it adds some structure and blends with the slightly bitter cranberry and pepper edge.

PinotFile, incidentally, is a very good newsletter, written and produced by the "Prince of Pinot" a retired ophthalmologist who, like Dr. Londer (also a retired ophthalmologist), clearly loves Pinot Noir. He sacrifices himself by drinking a lot of Pinot Noir every month and writing about them. I have found the information and reviews to be very reliable. And the newsletter is free! (Wish the Pinots were.)

Unfortunately, the Londers have given up producing Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs so they can spend more of their retirement lives with their children and grandchildren. A good idea for them, a bad idea for Pinotphiles.

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