Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reserve Henri Marc Syrah Vin de Pays d'Oc, 2004

Another look at this wine confirms that it's everything I expect in an every day Syrah. It smells like Syrah--mulberries, currants, plums and crushed peppercorns. (The peppery element of Syrah differs from that of Grenache, which is like pepper cooked into stewed berries. Syrah's pepper is blacker and straight from the pepper grinder.) Again, I find no sign of oxidation or off odors. And it tastes like Syrah--now new oak, no hard tannins, no jamminess. Not a lot of complexity, but a nice full feeling on the palate with a ripe finish.

This bottle was better than the last (a fluke, I think, rather than a sign of development). For $4 plus a bottle, it's better than any every day New World Shiraz or Old World Syrah I've come across recently.

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