Thursday, May 29, 2008

Domaine du Font-Sane Cotes du Ventoux, 2003

I loved the last bottle of this wine [January 11, 2008], thought it was an excellent example of a Southern Rhone from the overly warm 2003 vintage. This bottle was not so impressive.

The wine has good color, even some bluish tints, but the nose is sweeter and simpler than I remember from January. Ripe cherries and Cheracol but only a hint of black pepper and spices that serve as a backbone for this wine in other vintages. High alcohol is not the problem; it's only 13.5% and the wine is not hot on the palate. It's just a bit overly ripe, without the balancing acidity to provide interest.

Font-Sane is still my favorite Ventoux, though, and I'm planning to buy half a case of the 2005--a vintage more to my liking.

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