Friday, May 23, 2008

L. Mawby Leelanau Peninsula Blanc de Blanc Sparkling wine

If you ever visit the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan, plan a stop at Larry Mawby's, located on a quiet country road just south of Sutton's Bay. Larry thinks of wine making as an artistic rather than a business venture. He built the winery himself and his sense of humor pervades the place, even when he's not present himself, through the witty sayings tacked on the wall. At one time, Larry made a dry Vignoles that was my favorite Michigan wine, but he now focuses almost solely on producing high quality sparkling wines. This Blanc de Blanc that we had tonight with appetizers is one of the most impressive I've had.

It's very light in color and forms a fluffy mousse when poured. Bubbles are small and persistent. Wonderful fresh smells waft from the glass--Granny Smith apples in a warm, buttery dough. It's fresh and crisp but also rich with ripe fruit and butter flavors and smells. Just the right amount of sweetness for an appetizer. As Larry Mawby sums up in his label poem:
"She's light, she's lively,
blonde and bubbly.
She's not french
but her kiss
makes your tongue dance."


  1. This is the prettiest place in the mid-west and they make some nice wines too.

  2. The prettiest spot, in my opinion, is at Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula--makes me feel like I'm in Tuscany. They have rooms, but we've been trying for several years to find an opening.

    The wines at Chateau Chantal, as at many of the newer wineries, are rather commercial and over-priced compared to those from the old guard: Mawby, Boskydel, Good Harbor, Chateau Grand Traverse.