Sunday, May 25, 2008

Martin Ray Angeline Sonoma County Pinot Noir, 2004

If you bought two bottles of Martin Ray Angeline Pinot Noir from the same vintage, you would expect them to be the same wine, right? Wrong. The very good Martin Ray Angeline I reported on earlier (March 18, 2008) was from Mendocino County. This very disappointing wine from a nearly identical bottle is from Sonoma County. I feel misled.

This Sonoma County Pinot is far more advanced than the Mendocino County one; in fact, I would say this it's over the hill at age four. It's a light to medium ruby with a simple nose of herbs and raspberry. It's hard to get excited about this bouquet, and the flavors are even more austere and uninteresting. The wine is flat with no energy or lift and I find the herbal-tinged flavors offputting. It was difficult for me to finish the glass, let alone the bottle. Martin Ray: please give us better clues about where your grapes are coming from!

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