Friday, October 21, 2022

Saltram S2 Southeast Australia Shiraz, 2019

Most Australian Shiraz is rather heavily influenced by oak--sometimes too much for my taste. This Saltram S2 Shiraz shows very little, if any, oak...but I am not a fan.

Medium ruby. None of the dark, purplish or blue tones that go with new oak maturation. Ripe berry and plum flavors but lacking in acidity, structure and flavor interest. The grapes have apparently been matured in stainless steel with just a touch of oak. It doesn't work for me.

Syrah grapes have relatively thick skins with plenty of tannin. I have enjoyed many unoaked wines from the Rhone Valley of France with tannic structure, acidity and peppery spice. Oak is not needed or desired for wines from such vineyards. The Southeast Australia vineyards that produced the Saltram Shiraz do not measure up. 


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