Saturday, October 15, 2022

Quinta do Cabriz Dao Colheita Selecionada, 2014

I fell in love with Dao wines in a small pizza place on the banks of the Douro in Porto, Portugal. Donna and I were waiting for a carryout pizza, and the waiter offered us a glass of wine while we were waiting. It was a Grao Vasco from Dao, and the waiter described it as a "very good wine, very low price." $3 a glass, as I remember, and it was very good. Since then, I have had an eye out for wines from this Portuguese region, and I found this Quinta do Cabriz for $6.99 a bottle five years ago at Costco. It too is a very good wine at a very low price.

Bright red with garnet hints. Nicely aromatic: black raspberries, blue plums and herbs. Medium to light body. Some tannin on mid-palate but doesn't get in the way of the bright fruit flavors. Dark spices, licorice and pepper on the long finish. Reminds me of a good Pinot Noir but also some qualities of Nebbiolo. Very good to drink now, but I suspect it will get even better with a year or two in the cellar.

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