Thursday, June 23, 2022

Saltram S2 Southeastern Australia Shiraz, 2019

Saltram is an old and respected name in Australian wines, but I had rarely, if ever, seen it offered in the United States until I saw the display in my local (Kalamazoo) Trader Joe's store. And the price was unbelievable--$3.99 a bottle. S2 is not one of Saltrram's top bottlings, but it sells at Dan Murphy's in Melbourne for $35 Australian (about $27 in US dollars). $3.99?? I was told at the checkout that the wine was initially destined for China but rejected for trade reasons. Trader Joe's then bought the whole lot and apparently for a good enough price to offer it at retail for $3.99. Suspecting that, at that price, the wine would not be around tomorrow, I bought a full case and now am glad that I did.

Medium ruby. None of the blue or purple tones that indicate new oak maturation. Smells like Syrah--red and black fruits with a hint of spice and pepper. Same on the palate--unadorned Shiraz fruit, soft and accessible. I suspect that it might improve with a few years in the bottle, but there is no need to wait. It is very enjoyable right now. 

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