Thursday, June 9, 2022

Cambria Katherine's Vineyard Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay, 2020

Cambria, located in the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara, produces cool climate Chardonnay wines that typically get high ratings from critics. This Katherine Vineyards bottling is a perennial favorite, and, after tasting it, I can understand why.

Bright lemon yellow. Lovely smells of flowers, musk melon, white peaches and a hint of vanilla. Meyer lemon and golden delicious apples on the palate. The wine has been barrel fermetned but is not your typical buttery Chardonnay. The oak is light and balanced by citric acidity, derived from what the estate calls the "refrigerated sunshine" of the Santa Maria Valley. Long, delicious finish with lots of zest. The best is yet to come, in my opinion. It is now available at Costco in Kalamazoo for about $14 a bottle, an excellent value.

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