Friday, August 13, 2021

Les Amidyves Ventoux vs La Vieille Ferme

La Vieille Ferme is the archetypal Ventoux even though the Perrin family now has to scour the countryside for similar, though less expensive grapes. Tasting it alongside Olivier B's Les Amidyves Ventoux was an illuminating experience.

Although Olivier B projects a rustic image, his wine is sophisticated, polished and still going strong at age 11. It has depth and concentration, though not a lot of the traditional elements of 'Ventoux. On the third night, it was showing a bit of fatigue and lacked the freshness and acidity of the younger La Vieille Ferme. And the Perrin family's knock off Ventoux clearly had more of the rustic, peppery spice that I love in Ventoux wines. In a box for $5 a bottle equivalent, you cannot go wrong with this wine. 

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