Sunday, August 8, 2021

La Vieille Ferme Rouge

For many years, I bought--and drank--a case of La Vieille Ferme every year. A
that time, it was produced from Ventoux vineyards; today, Ventoux has been recognized as a premium source, and Ventoux grapes are too expensive for this low-end bottling. To keep the price at the low price point that has come to be expected, the Perrin family seeks out high-quality grapes from Languedoc country. Plum Market in Ann Arbor recently offered LVF bag-in-a-box (3 liters) for $20 and the Famille Perrin Ventoux for $6.59 a bottle. They make an interesting comparison.

Deep ruby/purple. That's probably because this wine has a higher proportion of Syrah (as opposed to Grenache) in the blend. Much fruitier than the Ventoux. Blackberries and cassis with a full bodied plummy texture. Carignan and 
Cinsault spice. Grenache black pepper emerges with aeration but it's not as prominent as it is in the Perrin Ventoux. Full bodied and ripe but enough acid to keep it lively. At $5 a bottle equivalent, this has to be the best wine bargain on the planet.


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