Friday, February 12, 2016

Yorkville Cellars Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc, Randle Hills Vineyard, 2011

This is an impressive Sauvignon Blanc. I misplaced and lost track of three bottles in the cellar and glad I did. It is just now coming into its own.

Medium deep gold. Very bright. Hard to pin this one down immediately as Sauvignon Blanc. No gooseberry, no cat piss, no passion fruit. Oh, but there is a twist of grapefruit along with peachy qualities. More like Pouilly Fume than Sancerre and very well done. Deep running fruit concentration that keeps your interest all through the meal.

I've heard good things about the Randle Hill Vineyard. Bink Vineyards also uses grapes from this vineyard for their highly regarded Sauvignon Blanc. Both Yorkville and Bink are located on the highway that runs through the Anderson Valley. But, interestingly, neither winery has the right to use the Anderson Valley appellation; the grapes rather come from the nearby Yorkville Highlands. Anderson Valley is a special appellation for Pinot Noir and Alsace varietals. For Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, I like what I have tasted from the Yorkville Highlands. Wish I had more Randle Hill Sauvignon Blanc.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed our S.B., Fred. The 2011 was our 19th vintage from our back vineyard. Details:
    Our wines are now available in MI. I'm visiting for a winemaker dinner in March at Toasted Oak Grill

  2. Thanks Edward. We did enjoy the wine. Toasted Oak Grill must be in Lansing or Ann Arbor. I have seen your wines at Sawall's Health Food store in Kalamazoo--but none recently. I'll talk to them about carrying it.