Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alderbrook Russian River Pinot Noir, 1997

I am a confirmed Europhile; I generally prefer wines from France, Italy and Spain over New World offerings. But I have recently developed a taste for Pinot Noirs from the North Coast of California--Anderson Valley, Russian River and Sonoma Coast.This 1997 Alderbrook is a good example.

Brick red; the wine, after all, is 19 years old. Clarity and brightness are good. Has most of the qualities that I like in Russian River Pinot--good acid, intense smells and flavors and a long finish. This Pinot leans more toward strawberry rather than cherry and cranberry. Beautifully sweet like wild strawberries but with plenty of acid and complexity. The texture is Pinot all the way--silky smooth. A beautiful wine, still showing well after all those years.

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