Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Domaine Jean Teiller Menetou Salon, 2013

Menetou-Salon is located just a few miles southwest of Sancerre, and the Sauvignon Blanc wines from there are less known and less expensive. My only experience with the appellation were the wines of Henri Pelle that were imported into Michigan during the mid-1990s. They were excellent, better than most Sancerres I have tasted. But they apparently are not coming into my area any longer. When I saw this Menetou-Salon last week at Sawall's Health Food Store in Kalamazoo, I wasted no time picking up a bottle. Glad I did; I will be back for more.

This wine is more like a Pouilly Fume than a Sancerre--not much of the catty or aggressive traits of Sauvignon Blanc but with laid back peachy tones. Peach, grapefruit, melon, mint. Fresh fruit smells and flavors but with enough complexity to hold your interest all the way through the finish.

Jacqueline Friedrich, author of a couple of books and several articles about Loire wines, doesn't rank Jean Teiller very highly. From my experience with this wine, I disagree. It's not Henri Pelle, but it's a good drink at a good price ($11.99).

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