Thursday, November 28, 2013

Louro do Bolo Valdeorras Godello, 2007

With apple-brined Thanksgiving turkey, this Spanish white was a perfect match (although not as exciting as the Couloir Pinot described below. Louro do Bolo is one of several excellent Godellos that I've tasted from the Eric Solomon portfolio.

For a six-year-old white, the color is a remarkably light gold in color. The aromas are bursting with the wonderful generosity of Godello--yellow fruits, minerals, flowers. Citric acidity on the palate but the texture and body of a Chardonnay. I suspect that if you tasted blindfolded, you might even mistake this for a red wine. Long finish.

Of the Godellos I've tasted, this ranks high along with Val de Sil and the Sabrego. Ironically, the only failure is the heavily oaked and and lavishly price As Sorte. I would say that, for whatever reason, the 2007 As Sorte I have in my cellar is oxidized and ready to be buried.

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