Sunday, November 17, 2013

Domaines Schlumberger Les Prince Abbes Pinot Blanc, 2009

Some of the very first Alsatian wines I tasted were from Schlumberger, and this estate is still one of my favorites--good land, good vineyards and skilled winemaking.

Medium gold color with good brilliance. Strong, fresh Pinot Blanc fruit aromas--the estate describes them as yellow fruits, fresh bread crumbs and acacia flower. All the tannins here are skins and pips; no new oak. That's why it might taste a bit sweet to those who favor New World Chardonnays. I like the acidity and freshness. And the taste of authentic fruit. The Prince Abbes line is for every day wines but with some fruit from Grand Cru vineyards added. At $11.99 from Bacchus in Kalamazoo, it's an excellent value.

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