Thursday, November 28, 2013

Couloir Roma's Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, 2007

We had three very satisfying wines with our Thanksgiving dinner. This Anderson Valley Pinot was my favorite. Three hours later, I still have vivid memories of the enchanting aromas and flavors.

The color is a medium light ruby, clear and brilliant. Spice is probably my initial impression--similar to the baking spices that I get with a good Santa  Barbara Pinot but much more focused and not as overtly sweet. Now it's the spice of cranberries and red raspberries. There are plenty of tannins in this wine (just as there are in a good Barbera), but they are very ripe, and the wine dances oh so easily across the palate. More red berries, ripe but with a slight balancing bitterness. I could keep smelling and tasting this wine all night. Although I don't have extensive experience with Pinot Noir, this has to rank with the best I've tasted.

I should note that Couloir Roma's Vineyard is hardly a budget wine. It ordinarily sells for $40+. But I was able to snare several of the 2007 at a WineBid auction last year for a budget price.

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