Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A-Mano Pinot Grigio, 2008

This is my favorite under-$10 Pinot Grigio at the moment. It's available for $7.99 at Sawall's Health Foods in Kalamazoo (and undoubtedly other locations around the country). But if you're interested, you should act fast because the wine is high quality and suggested retail price is substantially higher (around $16).

Some of the grapes for this Pinot Grigio are dried in a mountain loft for several weeks before being added to the crushed juice. After fermentation, the wine is stirred weekly to mix in the spent yeast cells (lees). All of this adds body and complexity to a wine that is incredibly fresh and fruit-oriented.

Now a year old, the color of this 2008 is a medium yellow, darker than when I tasted it last Spring. Aromas and flavors are vibrant--peaches, tropical fruits, mint and melon with a racy citric edge. This is exactly the type of wine I like to add spice to a vegetable meal. Flavors are very finely focused, a rarity for a wine at this price level. It smells like a light wine, but it has a pleasing weight on the palate.

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