Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fred Loimer Lois Gruner Veltliner, 2009

The packaging of this wine is so simple and understated that you're likely to miss it on the shelves. No cute animals, no sexy words such as velvet, just the name "Lois," scribbled nonchalantly in light green ink on a white label. That light mint green is also on the screw cap closure and on the back of the label, giving a subtle green tint to the otherwise clear bottle.

Surprise! Lois Gruner Veltliner smells and tastes as fresh and green as the label suggests--spearmint, green beans, a splash of lime. The wine is very fresh and goes well with vegetable dishes or pasta with pesto. But there is also a creamy texture that wraps around the tongue and teases your taste buds with subtle pleasures. Lois steps lightly but makes a big impression. This wine may appear simple, but there is much to discover.

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  1. Hello Fred - Gruener Veltliner is Austria's signature grape, but I tend to prefer the Rieslings; they are quite unique in a ripe, yet dry and minerally way.

    The dessert wines from Neusidlersee are impressive too.

    Cheers, Tom