Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chateau Fourcas-Hosten Listrac Medoc, 1981

I enjoyed this wine often during the early 1990s for its lovely black currant/berry Cabernet fruit. Not having visited it for awhile, I now find a mature wine with a different set of traits--different but no less attractive.

The color is a deep ruby with definite amber tones at the rim. I smell and taste a bit of tankiness at first, but this blows away quickly. It's not unexpected in a wine that's been in the bottle for nearly 30 years. The currant/berry perfume has given way to a mature wine bouquet with an attractive minty, cassis quality. There is plenty of acid keeping this wine going but it's still sweet fruited and stately. The fruit concentration is apparent in the long, ripe finish.

Fourcas-Hosten was a bargain back in the early 1980s; the price tag reads $9.95. And it's still a bargain; the 2009 vintage is selling for less than $20.

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