Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pietra Santa "Sacred Stone" Old World Style Red

I've been intrigued by the label of this wine for some time--partly because of the surrealistic drawing of the slender, phallic-like sacred stone with a winery perched precariously on top but primarily because of the term "old world style red." When I saw it offered by the glass at the Common Grill in Chelsea, Michigan, I was eager to try it and was not disappointed.

I would not necessarily recognize the style as "old world" except that it is noticeably free of new oak traits that are present in most "new world" wines. And, like most Southern Rhones, the wine gains its charm from skillful blending--in this case, Grenache, Syrah, Carignane and Zinfandel. The lone new world grape, Zinfandel, comes across fairly strongly in the plummy, blackberry aromas and flavors. The palate feel is rich, luxuriant and inviting rather than soft, and there is a long, fruit-oriented finish. Paired with an incredibly flavorful dish of grilled North Atlantic salmon with a mustard/olive sauce, wild rice and sauteed root vegetables, the wine just kept getting better throughout the meal, blending perfectly and complementing the flavors of the meal.

I've seen this wine for less than $10 a bottle at Sawall's Health Food Store (of all places) in Kalamazoo, MI. Since it's a wine that should drink well for four or five years, I think it's a good buy.


  1. This is the only red wine that I have found that I like! It is wonderful!

  2. Hey! The first red wine you've liked! Glad you liked it.

    A couple of other suggestions:
    6eme sens (from France)
    Stephen Vincent's Crimson (from California).

    Thanks for commenting.