Monday, June 12, 2023

American Wine Society National Tasting Project, 2023

 This year, the American Wine Society's National Tasting Project focused on wines from the Southern Rhone, and, as a long-term Southern Rhone enthusiast, I was happy to take part through my local (Kalamazoo, MI) chapter. 

My worry going in was that many of the wines presented might be too modern or international in their style for my taste. Fortunately, none of the wines presented yesterday fit that profile. 

At the conclusion of the blind tasting, I was concerned that my scores were too high. Again, my worries were dismissed as I discovered that my positive views on these wines were confirmed by national reviewers with much more credibility than I have as a taster. It was a good tasting, and I will follow with notes on each of the six wines. A second installment will come next month.

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