Friday, July 31, 2020

Bianca Vigna Cuvee 1931 Brut Rose

Bianca Vigna 'Cuvee 1931' Spumante Rosato, Veneto, Italy
I generally don't care for Prosecco wines; most are a bit too sweet and uninteresting. This Italian sparkling wine is made from the same Glera grapes that go into Prosecco but it also has some Pinot Noir in the cuvee that adds character and interest.

Although it is labeled Brut Rose, the color is light with only a subtle streak of pink. Tiny, persistent ubbles and a good mousse. Definitely has Pinot flavors reminiscent of Pinot-rich Champagnes such as Roederer Brut Premier. For $13.49 a bottle, I don't expect Champagne flavors, but I am happy with what's in my glass.

This was served at a Taster's Guild wine dinner (through Zoom) with barbecue-spiced seafood dishes from Oakwood Bistro in Kalamazoo.

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