Thursday, June 18, 2020

Lattanzio W.E. Bottoms Vineyard Russian River Pinot Noir, 2005

 labelIn choosing a wine to put on the table, my primary consideration is always the food that the wine is going to accompany. I chose this Russian River Pinot to accompany grilled salmon, and it was perfect. The next night, the wine that was left was served with beef and bean tacos. The match was so bad that I was beginning to believe the wine was faulty. It tasted overly alcoholic, hot and harsh. Once the meal was over, however, as we sat sipping the wine on its own, the beauty became apparent again. It wasn't the wine that was faulty but rather the match between the wine and the food.

Very deep and dark, bluish. This is clearly a New World Pinot Noir. Raspberries, raspberries and more raspberries. Also  blue flowers and some Russian River spice notes.. Even at 15 years of age, this wine is all about the fruit. And very fine fruit it is. Hard and harsh with tacos but smooth and elegant on its own or with Atlantic salmon.

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