Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Olivier B Les Amidyves Ventoux, 2011

labelI pegged this wine as a bit too dark, too dense and too alcoholic for a Ventoux when I tasted it in 2015. Five years later, some positive fruit qualities have emerged but I still find the wine too dark and dense for my taste. Others may like it for the same qualities that turn me away. I love Ventoux, and this is not what I consider a typical Ventoux. Give me an old-fashioned Les Vieilles Fermes (at half the price)!

Deep and dark but no other signs of aging in barriques. More black than red fruits, more Syrah than Grenache and tannins still rule the mid-palate. Underneath, though, some lovely little red berry flavors are emerging.And I love the peppery finish. Maybe it just needs more time? If so, it's too late for me.

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