Friday, March 20, 2020

Trimbach Alsace Pinot Blanc, 2012

I love Pinot Blanc wines, particularly those from Michigan's Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsulas. I like the intense fruit and fresh acidity of these wines--perfect for spring or summer drinking on the deck. This Pinot Blanc from Alsace has those qualities along with a great deal more. It forced me to sip a little more slowly to appreciate deeper and more subtle smells and flavors.

Medium deep straw. Aromas are as fresh and lively as I expected; it's on the palate that the deeper qualities come through. Broad strokes of ripe apricot across the mid-palate. Then green apple intensity on the finish. Savory minerals. Demands attention and rewards it.

Located in Ribeauville, Trimbach is my favorite source of Alsatian wines. Trimbach's Rieslings are fantastic, but this lower priced Pinot Blanc ($12 to $15) is often overlooked. If you see it on the shelf, buy what you can afford...and let me know so I can do the same.

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