Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Firestone Cabernet

I'm not sure if this is the Paso Robles or the Santa Ynez Cabernet; I ordered it from the wine list at Cafe 36 in Kalamazoo. But my experience with the wine aligned more with the tasting notes of the Paso Robles I have found online. I also don't know the vintage, but its state of maturity tells me that it's either a 2016 or 2015. Whatever, it is a very good Cabernet for the price (probably about $15 on the retail shelf).

The color is deep and dark as you might expect from a California Cab. But it is not as sweet or oaky as most Cabernets in this price range. Nice forward fruit--black currants and cassis; right on target for Cabernet Sauvignon, Not very tannic but not simple either. Has depth and concentration and a long black fruit after taste. I would be very happy drinking this wine with a special meal at home or in a  restaurant. In fact, it was a special meal: our 47th anniversary!

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