Friday, February 7, 2020

Alasia Barbaresco--Served Too Warm

When I saw an Alasia Barbaresco as a wine by the glass, I was ecstatic...even though it was a bit pricey at $14. Alas, it was a major disappointment, at least in part because the wine was served way too warm. When I made a polite complaint to the server, he checked with the bar and came back with what I consider a less than adequate response. "We can put your glass in the fridge for a few minutes." The chilling had more effect on the glass than the wine, and I have little positive to report about the wine. A blob of dark fruit lacking structure or interest. I know the Barbaresco deserves more than this--particularly from an establishment (Wine Loft) that pretends to have a serious interest in wine.
Some kitchens come equipped with wine racks, and, unfortunately, many casual drinkers keep their wine bottles there, oblivious to the fact that heat above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for even a short time will destroy a great deal of what the winemaker has taken great care to create. Room temperature for red wine means 65 to 70 degrees, and the best storage is in the cellar rather than beside your gas range.

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