Friday, March 27, 2015

A-Mano Primitivo, 2007

I haven't seen this wine in my area of Michigan for several years. I wish it would come back because it is a very good value. A-Mano Primitivo ordinarily sells for $8 to $12 a bottle, but I have seen it as low as $4.99. I held this bottle back to see how it would do with some moderate aging.

Still has its deep, dark, almost bluish color. No fading here. Powerful smells of dark cherries, licorice, flowers. Very nice. On the palate, the cherries are very ripe but with good balancing acidity. I get skin rather than oak tannins. Medium to full bodied with lots of flavor interest. Dramatic but never boring. Sweetish finish but with a lip smacking acidity. Even at $12, this is a very good value. I presume that most of the grapes come from Puglia, in Southern Italy, where an American-born winemaker and his Italian spouse have bought property.

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