Friday, December 19, 2014

Trimbach Alsace Pinot Blanc, 2011

Trimbach ranks at the very top of my Alsace hierarchy. I have fond memories of the Chicago Wine Society auction/tasting back in the early 90s when Jean Trimbach showed up to chat with buyers and pass around full glasses of his Clos St. Hune Riesling. This reasonably priced Pinot Blanc is not Clos St. Hune, but it still shows the Trimbach class.

Medium deep gold. Pears, flowers, apples. Big and dry with a spicy bite on the finish. There is some Pinot Auxerrois in the blend, which probably accounts for the nutty, spicy smells and flavors. A very refreshing wine that has substantial flavor interest. For about $15 at Bacchus in Kalamazoo, I will go back for more.

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