Friday, December 26, 2014

Pierre Bise Anjou Blanc, 2001

This middle-aged Chenin Blanc from the Loire did not embarrass itself as a companion to the 1978 Trimbach Riesling (see below). These are both wines that reward close attention.

Medium deep gold. The smells capture the heavenly side of Chenin Blanc--honey, flowers, white fruit. There is clearly some botrytis here that adds depth and complexity. Same on the palate but with a soft, satiny edge. For a simple Anjou Blanc, this wine is incredible. It is really better than some of Pierre Bise's Savennieres. Unique qualities that stay with you for a long time.

I bought several cases of this (less than $50 a case) for my daughter's wedding, and it served that purpose well--fresh, lively and far superior to any cheap oak-chip-tinged Chardonnay on the market at the time. I still have one more bottle but will be in no hurry to drink it.

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