Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Marchesi di Montecristo Nerello del Bastardo Vino da Tavola Rosso, 2002

The label is similar to that of the Nerelo (one "l") del Bastardo wine now available at Trader Joe's, but the wine is somewhat different. The label suggests that this is declassified Barolo or Barbaresco blended with a "mystery" wine--all for $6.99. Despite the pretentious Marchesi di Montecristo moniker, the wine is excellent--one of the best values I have had from Trader Joe's.

Good color, some garnet at the rim. Fragrant Nebbiolo scents of cherries and fresh flowers. Barolo-like dark tones on the palate. More like Barolo than Barbaresco. Good fruit/acid balance; dances on the tongue. Lovely warm berry flavors on the finish--like blueberry/raspberry pie fresh out of the oven. Fully mature and holding up well 12 years after the vintage. The 1999 was equally good the last time I tried it.

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