Saturday, August 30, 2014

Domaine de la Tourade Cotes du Rhone, 2011

Wine is all about the moment--the moment you choose to pop the cork. After more than 30 years of popping corks and drinking wine, I can't say that I pick the right moment less than half the time. Sometimes I pop the cork prematurely; too often, I wait too long. With this Tourade Cotes du Rhone, I can say confidently that I picked right moment.

Aromas are very forward and friendly but also powerful, as you might expect from a young Gigondas. Southern Rhone scents of ripe berries spiked with black peppercorns, spice and lavender. Very plush mouth feel--a bit firm in the middle but still forward and friendly without seeming simple. Plums, red and  blue berries and peppery spice. Just the right amount of ripeness and enough acidity to keep me coming back for more. Tourade is best known for its Gigondas, and I have had many pleasant sips of the 2008 Vacqueyras from this estate. This Cotes du Rhone has a different personality but is no less intriguing. Traditionally made Cotes du Rhone at its best.

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