Monday, May 26, 2014

Copain Tous Ensemble Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, 2011

I was delighted to find an $8 glass of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir on the list at Every Day People Cafe in Douglas, MI. By the bottle, this wine is $32 at Every Day People--only $3 more than I have seen it on retail shelves. And, most importantly, the wine met all of my expectations for Anderson Valley Pinot.

Medium to light ruby; even some hints of amber at the edges but that's a good sign that the wine has not been over-manipulated. The aromas are immediately identifiable as Anderson Valley or, at least, North Coast--wild berries, flowers, herbs. So are the flavors--the tartness of cranberry vs the sweetness of red raspberry. As the wine airs, the up-front sweetness becomes ever more apparent and attractive, but there is still the cranberry acidity at the back end that makes you realize this is not just a pretty face. The finish really becomes expansive.

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