Saturday, January 12, 2013

For Info on Loire Wines, See Richard Kelley's Site

If you're interested in wines of the Loire Valley (and anyone looking for artisan wines on a budget should be), you should check out the wine site of Richard Kelley, an English Master of Wine who is doing incredible work in this area ( Kelley, I believe, is the one responsible for bringing to market the lovely "Le Pinot Noir" wine that I report on below. The Cave St. Verny also produces a Gamay wine that Kelley likes even better and that I would very much like to try, although I doubt that it will appear in my market since wine marketing people are so reluctant to take Gamay serious as a wine grape.

I really didn't intend to make fun of the label for Le Pinot Noir. It is very attractive but seems to be attempting to lure unsophisticated foreigners into buying wine from a region that is largely unknown, even in France. (Read Kelley's piece on the Cotes d'Auvergnes for a profile of the region.) Australians do it with crass labels featuring kangaroos and koalas. Le Pinot Noir is a far more sophisticated approach, and, unlike Yellow Tail Shiraz, introduces you to a very good wine.

NOTE: Don't forget the second "e" in Kelley's name. It's not the most common spelling of the name, and there is actually another web site,, that contains a dangerous trojan, according to my Internet Security program.

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