Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Domaine Diochon Moulin a Vent, 2000

Many who consider themselves serious wine drinkers show little respect for wines made from the Gamay grape. Perhaps because Beaujolais Nouveau has become such a cultural phenomenon, they tend to think of any wine from Beaujolais as being light, trivial and unworthy of serious attention. That's unfortunate for them but good for the rest of us because it leaves behind wines such as Domaine Diochon to pick up at reasonable price--usually between $12 and $15 a bottle. Made traditionally and aged in large old barrels, this is a wine that will age and continue to give pleasure for years and years.

Very light cherry red. The smells are also light but very intense--red berries, wild cherries and flowers. Lovely. Dances lightly on the tongue, but there are strong tannins and acids--as persistent as those of a wild raspberry. The essence of elegance--tensile tannins, intense smells and flavors. A wine that grows on you with sip after sip. Very Pinot-like but better than most Pinots I have tasted.

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