Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chateau Coulinat Saint Croix du Mont, 1983

Saint Croix du Mont is a satellite appellation to Sauternes, and this wine provides a good foil to the Clos Labere beside it on the table, both in 375 milliliter bottles. Saint Croix du Mont generally gets less botrytis than Sauternes, but I think roles are reversed with these wines.

The color might be a shade darker than the Clos Labere but both are well aged. On the nose and palate, though, they are worlds apart. The Coulinat is not as sweet and doesn't have the racy acids that are keeping the Labere going, but it has considerably more depth, probably because of higher levels of botrytis. Honey mixed in with the apricots. Very different wines; both enjoyable.

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