Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jean Descombes Morgon, 1997

I've written about Jean Descombes Morgon many times; it is one of my favorite Cru Beaujolais wines, and I buy it in nearly every vintage. It's a wine that ages well, and I try to sample it at various stages. At present, 1995 is one of my favorite vintages, and, while this 1997 is two years its junior, it's showing more age right now.

It's a deep cherry red, shading to amber at the edge. The classic dark cherry scents are there, reserved and graceful. An aged Jean Descombes Morgon develops the personality of red Burgundy, and this vintage is no exception. The finish is sweet and in line with the Descombes style. A bit tired but still a beauty.

The vintage on the market right now is the 2008, selling for $13 to $15. It was a bit of a disappointment when I tasted it last Spring, but I plan to re-visit it soon.

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