Sunday, April 25, 2010

Domaine du Vieux Chene Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Cuvee Friande, 2007

This is an inexpensive Vin de Pays, 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah, that I have enjoyed immensely in past vintages--2001, 2004 and 2005. It comes from old, low yielding vineyards right near the Vieux Chene winery on the Plan de Dieu.

Since the 2007 vintage is highly regarded, I bought this wine with great expectations that have yet to be fulfilled. Although there is nothing wrong with the ripe raspberry/cherry aromas and flavors, the wine goes down a bit too easily. It's a bit lacking in the garrigue, spice and black pepper elements that usually give the wine structure and interest. When this bottle had been opened for a day or two, some of these traits began to appear so I haven't totally given up on my expectations. I'll come back to Cuvee Friande next Fall or Winter.

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