Monday, July 6, 2009

Frederic Magnien Nuits St. George Premier Cru Coeur Rocher, 2004

This Nuits St. George is not a budget wine; it usually retails for about $75 although it can often be found for less at online retailers such as Premier Cru ( It's a very fine wine that requires some concentration and appreciation of the subtleties of red Burgundy.

The color is very light; this is clearly a wine of finesse rather than power. Aromas and flavors come forward quite nicely: finely focused fruit of red berries, cherries and pomegranate, spring flowers and a healthy dash of minerals. Very mineral laden and very Burgundian. The palate feel is as fine and silky as you would expect from a wine of this pedigree. Very nicely under-stated but with insistent flavors that stay with you long after the wine is swallowed. As good as this wine is now, it will likely be even better with a few years of aging.

Even though this 2004 is five years past its vintage date, I feel sure it's still available--maybe even at a discount. If you like red Burgundy and have a wine budget to accommodate an occasional $75 bottle, you won't regret buying this wine.

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