Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Agricole Vallone Salice Salentino Vereto Rosso, 2000

My notes on this wine from April and May of 2008 indicate a deep ruby color with no browning. The wine poured from this bottle is noticeably brown toned, and the aromas and flavors are definitely mature. Since the wine was purchased at deep discount, I suspect that variations in storage, rather than one additional year of aging, are responsible for this discrepanacy.

Regardless of the reason for the added maturity, I would say that it has not harmed this wine one bit. The lush, sweetish fruit has gracefully evolved into complex notes of dried and fresh fruit (mostly cherries) with a background of roses and purple flowers. The licorice qualities are still there, but toned down a bit, and they blend in quite nicely with the autumnal fruit. Young or old, this wine offers up exotic pleasures.

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  1. fred, would you like to look at some old Italians? I know nothing about these vintages, but I'm interested.