Thursday, July 30, 2009

Domaine Daulny Sancerre Clos de Chaudenay, 2004

Sauvignon Blanc wines generally fall into the category of DYA--drink youngest available. But at five years of age, this Sauvignon Blanc is still giving plenty of pleasure. I've written before of Etienne Daulny's Clos de Chaudenay Sancerre (March 26, 2009, February 15, 2008); it's always been one of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc wines.

The color is medium deep gold with good clarity and brilliance. The aromas and flavors are unmistakeably Loire Sauvignon--mint, melon, peaches, gooseberries and minerals. While the frenzied excitement of young Sauvignon have been toned down by age, the wine offers tranquil pleasures with serious depth and complexity. As I've mentioned before, Clos de Chaudenay is a special southwest-facing vineyard that gets more sun and slightly more heat than Daulny's regular Sancerre. It's aged mostly in stainless steel but with a small portion given seasoned oak treatment for complexity and body. The lush texture and remarkable finish are accentuated with additional aging. Very nice.


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