Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camille Cayran Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne Reserve, 2004

When I last reported on this wine on March 8, 2008, I said it was a Cairanne for early drinking. A year later, I still hold to that assessment even though, more than a year later, the wine is every bit as charming as it was before.

It's a very deep crimson color, bright and enticing. The smells and flavors have the same tone--ripe cherries, red licorice, red berries and flowers. Ripe, forward and bursting with fruit plus a pleasing dose of spice and black pepper. This is old-style Cairanne at its best. And it also seems representative of the fine 2004 vintage--reserved and classic in its charm. Alcohol level is 13.5%, just enough to add warmth.

As a Cairanne, this may not have the complexity of l'Oratoire Saint Martin, but it's a good representative of the appellation.


  1. This sounds good, Fred. I'll be looking for Camille Cayrans.

    Someone else recommended a Languedoc made by Le Bouissiere. (not Domaine)
    It has Carignan, Grenache (88%) and a touch of Mourvedre. Have you even heard of this? Its pricey, but sounds interesting.

    Tonight I opened a Domaine Laurens 2006 Marcillac. I think it is only a Vin de Pays, but the label doesn't say. Its a solid effort, ripe, good fruit, but lacks the brightness and acidity I like. Solid color, bit of tart, little wood present, not much garrique. Possibly better with food. Only 12% alcohol.


  2. This 2004 is great right now but probably best for drinking over the next year or so. Jorge at Village Corner told me that Domaine du Boisson is probably a relatively early drinker too. L'Oratoire Saint Martin is one of the few with a reputation for hanging in there for longer than five to seven years.

    My experience with Languedocs is limited but has always been very positive. In the early 1990s, there were many available at absurdly low prices (under $3). Every one I tried was excellent. Today, there are still some inexpensive ones but also some that seem absurdly expensive given the fact that they're not very well known.

    I saw a mention of Marcillac on a wine forum a few months ago. But I've never run across one and don't even know where Marcillac is. Maybe I should look it up.

  3. Have you reviewed Mutt's Nuts 2004 Wrattonbully Shiraz? $6.99 ea per bottle in the NW Trader Joes (WA, OR)


    I recommend it. Great deal. Big wine for reasonable price.

    best fishes,

  4. I haven't seen this wine, Timothy, and must admit I probably wouldn't have bought it if I had since I'm not big on wines with funny names. But I like Wrattonbully as an appellation for Shiraz. The Stonehaven Limestone Shiraz I reviewed earlier was from Wrattonbully. It's near Coonawarra but higher in elevation and cooler as a result.

    I'll tell my son about it and ask him to pick up a bottle for me. He lives near a Trader Joe's; I don't.

    Thanks for the tip.