Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Saltram S2 Southeast Australia Shiraz, 2019

When I saw this Australian Shiraz offered for $3.99 at my local Trader Joe's store, I knew it wouldn't stay on the shelves long, and it didn't! I bought 12 bottles and glad I did.

I knew that Saltram's is an old and respected Australian winery, but this S2 bottling is not listed on their website. That's because it's a cuvee that is ordinarily sent to China. When a trade dispute occurred, however, China would not let a 30,000 case shipment into the country, and Trader Joe's (according to their story) bought all 30,000 at a discount low enough to offer it at this rock bottom price. It is not a typical Saltram Shiraz, of course, but certainly worth the price.

Bright ruby. Light color suggests that the wine has spent little or no time in oak barrels. Black raspberry smells and flavors. Medium to light body (13.5% alcohol) and minimal oak tannins. Has enough acidity to give it interest, but probably not enough concentrated fruit to justify aging. Unadorned Shiraz fruit, smooth and ready to enjoy.

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