Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Pithon Paille Anjour Blanc Mozaik, 2017

Once again, this Anjou Chenin Blanc, a long-time "buy-now" bargain from WineBid, meets and far exceeds expectations for an $11.99 wine.

Brilliant gold. The descriptor often used for Loire Chenin Blanc is quince. I can't remember ever tasting quince, but I am tempted to use the term because the smells and flavors are so typical of Loire Chenin Blanc wines I have tasted. For me, it's pear, apricot and sliced apples from the lunch box, slightly oxidized.Dry up front, then rich flavors and full body on the mid-palate and finish. Great acidity that leads to well defined, glorious flavors. This bottle was opened last night and recorked; tonight it is better than ever. 

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